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  • Student Leadership

    Student Leadership

    Student Leadership

    Leadership is available to everyone at Northmount! All staff and students sit on a Leadership Team and students are invited to apply for additional leadership opportunities including Morning News Anchors, Junior Supervisors, Clipboard Couriers, Patrols, PALS, Buddy Bench, Tidy Up Crew, Welcome Slip Collectors and Little Librarians.

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  • Lunch & Nutrition

    Lunch & Nutrition

    We encourage all of our students and parents to bring healthy/well rounded lunches and snacks. It is important to recognize the significance that a balanced diet has on children. Your help in this manner is very much appreciated.



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  • Transportation


    The deadline to apply for yellow bus service for the 2022-2023 school year is June 1, 2022. After this date your application is considered late therefore transportation service for your child may start later than September 1, 2022.

    *For applications submitted after June 1, 2022 please be sure to make alternate drop off and pick up arrangements for your child in the event your service starts later than September 1, 2022.

    Please visit the Edmonton Public Schools Website: Get To School for full details on transportation including: Eligibility, Fees, bus safety, meeting your child at the bus stop, making changes to bus routes and more.


    Continued Riders: You need to apply each school year

    Students who are currently attending Northmount and are looking to continue transportation service for the 2022-2023 school year: please log into your parent account on SchoolZone, go to Student Profile, choose Transportation, select Bus Application and follow the instructions to apply for next year service.

    Conditional and New Riders will need to submit the google form from the Edmonton public schools website.


    New riders: in the Cogito program or Residents of Schonsee

    To inquire if you are in the transportations area please see the attendance area map or contact the Northmount School Office 780-475-5162. 

    To submit a new transportation application please visit the Edmonton Public Schools website and complete the google form.

    *Please note we do not have curbside pickup. Please expect to walk a distance from your home to your bus stop, the possibility of crossing roads, waiting for a short period of time and the possibility of having different pick up and drop off locations.


    Conditional riders: students in the Mainstream Program in K - Grade 6

    Conditional riders are students who are not eligible for regular or alternative program yellow bus service but request to ride on an existing route if there is space on the bus.

    Conditional riders are not guaranteed and are considered only after all eligible students have already been assigned service. Most conditional applicants are approved before the school year begins, but some may be approved as late as October. Alternate transportation plans should be made in case a conditional rider applicant is not approved or approved after the school year begins. Fill out the google form posted on the EPSB website. Any questions please call us 780-475-5162.

    *Please note we do not have curbside pickup. Please expect to walk a distance from your home to your bus stop, the possibility of crossing roads, waiting for a short period of time and the possibility of having different pick up and drop off locations.


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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Throughout the year students will be provided with many opportunities to enhance their leadership and sense of belonging at Northmount. Current leadership teams, clubs, and activities offered at Northmount School are:

    - Staff & Student Leadership Team

          - First Nations, Metis, & Inuit

          - Wellness

          - G-Squared

          - Gratitude and Giving

          - Belonging & Connection

          - Northmount’s 50th Anniversary

          - Connecting to Nature & Play

    - Intramurals

    - Running Club

    - Choir, Handbells, Drumming

    - Dance Club

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  • School Vision and Mission

    School Vision and Mission

    All of our staff members are committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment to engage students in developing skills, knowledge and attitudes to become responsible, caring and productive citizens, and life-long learners. By engaging teachers in professional discussions and activities, we promote a school-wide inclusive learning environment focused on literacy and numeracy.

    2020-2021 Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Northmount School is pleased to offer both Regular and Cogito programming. Our mainstream program is available for students living in the Northmount and Schonsee communities.  

The Cogito alternative program is currently provided for students in Kindergarten to grade six through application only.



2022-2023 School Year

Northmount School is full in planned classes in:

Regular Program - Kindergarten and Grades 2, 4, 5 and 6

Cogito Program - With the exception of Grade 5, all grades are full in the Cogito Program


For the Regular program, a Kindergarten student who is a resident and lives in the school's attendance area may still register. 

We will now also only accept resident students in Grades 2, 4, 5 and 6 who have newly moved into the school’s attendance area for the regular program. A resident student of Edmonton Public Schools has at least one parent or legal guardian living in Edmonton who is not Roman Catholic. Non-resident students can enrol in another Division school with space in planned classes.

If you are registering for Kindergarten or if you are new to Edmonton Public Schools, you must register online.



Message from the Principal

During these unprecedented times, coming together is perhaps more important than ever before; staying socially connected and physically distant is a challenge we must all embrace.

As the 2020-2021 school year begins, and we navigate these uncharted waters together, we gather strength from our school community, those who will return in person and those who will learn online. We are in this together.

Our focus is on the main thing; the success of each of our students. We are prepared to welcome our children back into their space in a manner that respects their physical health, emotional well-being, and academic priorities. 

We head into this year with grace, compassion, connection, and hope as our sidekicks that will help us create a learning environment of which we are all proud. We are Northmount Strong, no matter the distance.


Be well,