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Parent Groups

Currently Northmount School has two parent groups namely, a School Council as well as the Northmount Parents Association (NPA).  The following is a brief overview of each group.

School Council:

School Council is a volunteer based organization that is registered with the Alberta School Council Association.  The School Council is an extension of the school.  It is a way for parents to communicate with the Principal, and vice versa, on school and community topics at the monthly meetings.  These meetings are open to all parents of Northmount School and are held at the school one evening a month.  The dates and times are announced in advance on the School Calendar and in School Zone.

School Council meetings are a way for parents to voice their ideas, questions and concerns about Northmount School in general and as a whole.  The meetings are not a place to air specific grievances that should be discussed privately with your child’s homeroom teacher or the Principal.

School Council is a great way to get involved at the school.  You can be involved as little or as much as you like.  At the monthly meetings upcoming events will be discussed and as such these meetings are also an early information session for parents.

Northmount Parent's Association:

NPA is a volunteer based organization and is a stand-alone registered society that is responsible for the fundraising at Northmount.  The two biggest fundraisers that the NPA is responsible for is a Casino every other year and an annual school supplies fundraiser.   The NPA is responsible for collecting the funds raised by these fundraisers and ensuring that all funds are recorded and dealt with pursuant to provincial guidelines.  The NPA consults with the Principal of Northmount on designating raised funds and then the NPA makes the final decision.

If you would like further information on becoming a part of either of these school groups, please contact the main office.  


The Northmount Parents’ Association (NPA) is offering school supplies for the 2016-2017 school year through Back to School Solutions (BTSS). BTSS is operated by Value Drug Mart Associates and provides quality brand name school supplies at wholesale prices.

Take advantage of these features:

  •    Shop from home, all items delivered directly to Northmount School
  •    No line-ups and no out of stock items
  •    Lists are customized by the teacher for each grade level
  •    Supplies come in a personalized tote box individually labeled with your child’s name
  •    10% of the sales will be returned to NPA as a fundraiser

Be ready for an order sheet that will be sent home in your child’s backpack near the end of the school year. This is an excellent opportunity to support your fundraising committee while buying your child’s school supplies. NPA fundraising money goes towards school events, curriculum related activities for the students and/or purchases for our school.

Thank you for your support.